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Came across a fic I started around October last year...
It's just the introduction chapter so I thought better now or never

So here it is:

Friday 2:00 am
There she was, working late again in the lab all alone. The only thing disturbing the complete silence was a ticking clock. Rubbing her eyes she turned to look what time it was…

“Already?? Geez just me and vamps around I guess…”

Giles would let her work as late as she wished since it she was more concentrated and prolific at night. It was quiet, the phone wasn’t ringing every ten seconds and no irritating co-workers came for small talk in the middle of an experiment.

She took of her lab coat, organized her files and locked her laptop in order to pack it with the rest of her stuff. Putting her fingerprint on the pad she secured the blue-grey metal doors of the lab, the letters IP (Initiative Pharmaceuticals) on them.

Even the security guards were somewhat sleepy
“Goodnight Forrest! Night Riley!” she said in a low, singing tone.

“Time to rest at last?”

she gave them a fade smile while yawning

“Bye Buffy”

She headed to the parking lot, got into her Jeep and drove home.


In a car across the IP parking lot, a man with a carrot-red head is growling at a Nintendo screen.

“I can’t catch a break! Damn you Luigi!”

“ ’s just a silly game Oz…no need to get all shirty ‘bout it! The girl still inside?”

“She turned off the lights a couple of minutes ago…I guess she’s leaving at last! Aren’t you freezing up there?”

“Well, I’ve been in this bloody rooftop for three and a half hours…what d’ ya think?”

“Aaaand she’s out…All yours big guy! Am waiting for your signal tomorrow yeah?”

“Right, have a good night’s rest Danny boy...time’s up!”

“Indeed it is…night Spike!”


It’s been about a month since he started watching her. His orders where simple: Find the project, steal the project!
So he used the standard method… Find out everything about her, her friends, neighbors, family.
He now had a clear image of her schedule and everyday habits, making it easier for him to break in and get his hands on her precious little work. He didn’t know a lot about this specific assignment however, since the guy who hired him refused to share a thing. Spike didn’t care that much though…it was a job he could pull off with his eyes shut and the money were…surprisingly –and suspiciously- a Lot!

But there was a bonus too…this Buffy bird was gorgeous! When he first heard the name and the whole science story he imagined some butterface spinster! This woman though…he could shag her brains out under different circumstances! She was petite but curvy and had beautiful golden locks surrounding her face.

All this time, all these nights he’d been watching her, he even began fantasizing about her…touching her, naked having shower, kissing those tits and lovely bum of hers! He’d never seen her naked, as much as he’d loved too, since he only had a clear view of her living room.

And now…these were the last hours he would spend looking at her. In a few hours he would steal her life’s work and ruin her life…

“Time’s up sweetheart…”

To whom it may concern

"You've got Mail" is on tv and I thought "why not log in into my lj account?". It's been a long time since i posted anything. When I created my account I was a bored uni-student with no university classes due to strikes, political bullshhh and I thought i should try it.

Well around 7 months later I'm in a frenzy-condition with school and my love life is where it was one year ago...Long distance and at the back of our heads the idea that eventually we have to end it. But really, what do you do when you have roughly 3 months a year with a person but these three months are the best thing ever?!?


Anyway I also started pilates and yoga in an effort to chill the f out since all I do is be at school all day and when i'm not , i'm stressing about the studying that I should be doing instead of watching Buffy for the 100th time :P Yoga is surprisingly liberating...gives me a sence of balance and jolliness! Who knew?

As for books I finished the A-MA-ZING "american gods" a month ago and I'm reading Anansi boys which is also great (as expected).
Watched the Amazing spidey 2..good but I wasn't thrilled. Instead Captain America was probably the best Marvel movie so far imo. It was just Awesome and I'm not even a big cap fan. Go see it if you're a fan of comic books and superheroes. I'm waiting for x-men now which looks pretty awesome as well.

I almost forgot! Of course I watched the V Mars movie too. Yeah it was fan service as everyone says but I think that if they nake a sequel it's going to be better because the mystery will be more carefully written...maybe I wouldn't know.

Well I hope things are better for the random person that might be reading this ( if there is one ).

Well take care You!

Now give me Moriarty back as well and I shall never ask for anything...Ever!!!

Have I ever been so excited about New Year's??? I don't think so...
Long time no see...My school was open for a Whooole week! That's news baby!

I have been working on this crime fiction short story for a competition and it's occuping my thoughts 24-7. It's in greek but after I send the finished draft to the editors, and if there's time, I might try translating it in english and post it. I'm not sure however if it will make much sense but it's worth a try.

Every Wednesday night it was "Movies night" and I watched The Hobbit, THG Catching Fire, Thor 2 and a greek movie called Mikra Anglia.

The Hobbit was good! Not great but good enough to keep me intrigued for the third movie, which in my opinion is going to be the best of the trilogy.
On the contrary Catching fire was a Pleasant surprise! I really got into it! The story was far better from the first and the games were far more action-packed and interesting. I seriously can't wait for Mockingjay!
Thor 2 was a major dissapointment for me...from pretty much every aspect...I felt mugged after watching it in 3D too...Blah and stupid! Why don't they just give me a Loki movie!?!?!
And as for the greek movie.....NO! When you think you can't become more depressed another scene comes up and you keep sinking and sinking and realize (after 3 whole hours!!!!!!!!!!!) that this thing is bottomless! I even prayed a little for it to end....I mean REALLY!

Anyways that's that:D

DC Comics Make a good Comeback...

...with Arrow on CW!

I watched the entire first season in 2 days and yesterday the 6 episodes of Season 2 that aired...I know...In my defense the university is closed for 10 weeks and I am bored to death!!!

When I saw the Pilot I wasn't really expecting much, I certainly wasn't xpecting to get hooked after the first 5 episodes! The plot gets really intriguing and the flashbacks get better and better...I mean in the beggining I wasn't into flashbacks much 'cause they seemed kinda "remote" from the present. When that changed though, the show got so..sooooo gooood!!! After "Odyssey" some things are explained a bit and others get even more complicated that you just Have to keep on watching!

About the cast: Stephen Amell is certainly a reasonable choice for lead, he's got the body and the "air" to be Oliver Queen. I prefer his acting in the flashbacks, the desperation and the fear but he does pretty good with emotion as well, especially in mid-season and after. In season 2 he seems to be completely in "Oliver mode" and a lot more confident!
Only thing that bugs me though: Amell looks sooo much like Chris O'Donell and it's just disturbing sometimes :P

For Laurel Lance we have Katie Cassidy. I've seen her on supernatural and Gossip girl and she's really got the bitch in her...but I enjoyed her performance and I found her witty and sharp in those. In Arrow.......I think she's the one that need the most work!I think she needs better material to work with because so far she is far too 2-dimensional for a lead character. The chemistry with Amell has to get better too 'cause so far it comes out as "cold" respect and nothing more and that's just baaaad!

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn has to be one of the most successful characters in the show. Once you get to know more about the character you can't but feel sympathy for him and Donnell pulls it off beautifully! The sames goes for Diggle concerning his acting.The interaction with Oliver comes easily...it's got respect,understanding and a deep frienship that grows!

There's a Huge buzz about the Felicity Smoak character that I just don't get! Sorry...Yeah she's definitely likable and the typical genious-type computer chic and she's witty and quirky but maybe just a little bit TOO quirky sometimes...Not every line of hers Has to be awkward or funny, it doesn't make it real or funny after some point! Emily Bett Rickards does a great job however in her delivery of the part and she's got good chemistry with every cast member so far, and that's a plus to her character! Note: I prefer a good friendship with Ollie rather than a cheesy romance...They are just too good as partners to go there:)

Sergeant Quentin Lance is ...ok! He has that style...like he was pulled out of Justified but I enjoyed his performance on the brilliant season finale and on S2 "Broken Dolls".
Thea Queen has a lot more Gossip girl in her than she should...nothing special yet on her
but Roy Harper....man is he cute!!! And Hayes is an amazing choice I think! You really get to appreciate him more in season 2. Can't wait for the Red Arrow!

But my biggest congrats go to Susanna Thompson as Ollie's mom Moira and John Barrowman...especially the latter!
John just steals the show in every single scene he's in! He's evil, mean, smart, skilled, hurt, emotional and charming! You can't help but feel sorry for him in "Sacrifice" and that's a great accomplishment for the writers and Barrowman! I simply Adored Malcolm Merlyn and he was the Big Bad...!

Season 2 so far look a lot more solid and stronger from every aspect! Better villain development as well as main character development! "League of Assassins" and "Keep your enemies closer" set the bar high very early!

Very promising and worthwhile show and a big step for DC Comics. Agents of SHIELD need to take a few lessons from this one.



Hi! I'm new here! I've read some great stuff and decided to maybe write some of my own ,just for kicks:)
Few things about me : I live and study in Athens (health sciences) and I"m currently trying to find a job to cover the expenses...stupid Stupid country!

Huge fan of Buffy!!! Spuffy shipper which is going to become clear soon:P I worship Joss Whedon and everything he does!
Love Veronica Mars , Six feet under (Alan Ball's work in general), House, Period Dramas etc. I appreciate good action and witty romance (shakespeare geek here).

Assassin's creed is my current obsession. Riddle games like trine 2 and machinarium are my kinda thing or good old strategy like stronghold, AOM etc etc etc.

As for reading, it's somewhere between Jane Austin and Nautibitz :P Life is just full of contradictions, ain't it...If you can tell another favorite writer of mine from my name then congrats!You are a very special and clever person!!

Enough said!